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Drop and Bake Cookie Dough

There are few greater pleasures in the world than putting a batch of cookie dough in the oven, letting the scent of cookies waft through your home, and then taking your first bite of the freshly baked treats. Our cookie dough fundraisers let you bring these simple pleasures to your organization's loyal supporters in a convenient package of dough. (Refrigeration needed)

Gourmet Cookie Packs

We are passionate about providing sweet opportunities for schools and other organizations to raise money. These ready-to-eat cookies come in multiple flavor packs. But can be customized. 

Cocoa Bombs

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Pretzel Rods

Chocolate-covered pretzel rods offer a twist to your typical candy fundraiser. The perfect mix of sweet and salty, your group won’t have a hard time selling these at only $1 a piece!

How do you raise money?

Your group profits when the participants take order. 

Is money collected upfront?

Yes, collect money however your organization prefers. Submit one order with money or one check. 

Are there any fees?

There are no fees with our fundraisers.

Do participants earn prizes?

No. We do not have prize program at the time.

How soon can we start?

After you submit our start a fundraiser form you’ll receive an agreement to sign. Then we'll send you the brochure forms. Start anytime.

How long is a fundraiser?

Typical your sale lasts for 2 weeks. You can always change your end date. Simply let us know before your sale is over.

Is there a minimum?

There are no order requirements for our fundraisers.

How much money do we make?

You’ll need to know your group size as well your participant goal. Here’s how you can estimate your profit:

Pretzel Rod Box: Profit $10/box sold

Cookie Dough: $5/box sold

Cookie Packs: $5/pack sold

Cocoa Bombs: $5/box sold

Fundraiser Form

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