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Hello ! I am Jen, the Founder/Owner of Cookie Sensations. I am a self-taught baker. I started this journey Fall of 2019. In search of a pretty cookie recipe.  Why? During the holidays, we have a huge cookie table. When friends and family come to visit, they go home with a tin of cookies. The buttercream sugar cookies weren’t as pretty.

Then boom - found a great recipe. Added some things to make it mine and better tasting. 

Practiced by making cookies for friends/family. The word was getting out that I knew how to do those pretty cookies. 

March 2020, just before Covid shut everything down, I created a page. Started making these pretty cookies for more cookie love’n friends.

Cookie Sensations started growing.
I needed a bigger space. Beginning of 2021, we started the process of open a shop. It was a roller coaster but we finally found a shop in Scottdale.

It took about 3.5 months to get the shop ready. Inspection, insurance, all the business stuff! 

Finally - Grand Opening July 19, 2021!!!! What a great day. We’ve added so many new items to our menu.

We are often asked “why are your cookies so good.”  we make everything in small batches. No big equipment used here. I believe the small batch making help preserve the flavors. (Oh, sometimes I don’t measure.) Plus, it’s your ingredients and the way you mix them together. its a chemistry!

We have some exciting news that we will be sharing soon! As we are growing!  because of all of you!!!

Thanks for your support Cookie Love’n Friends!

We couldn’t do this without you!!!

Thank You! 



Cookie Sensations by Jen LLC did an amazing job on Owen's first birthday cookies! Dairy free and still tasted amazing and were huge! Definitely recommend her for your party needs!

— Lauren A.


Cookie Sensations by Jen LLC did an awesome job on the cookies for the baby shower. I didn't get a pic of all of them but they were amazing!! Ignore my foxes left eye, lol. I smooshed him. He was perfect.

Thank you Jen!

- Karen

These are the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! Cookie Sensations by Jen LLC did the most amazing job ever!


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